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An FYI to parents about one of the latest apps children may be tempted to use. The following information is found on this link which also highlights the potential risk of other apps.

What do Parents Need to Know About the Melon App?
Zero Privacy. The app pairs you with other users based solely on your age and gender. Once you create an account, you are automatically connected with another user via video. There is an option to direct message users so the video chat does not have to be used. The location feature can remain off but there is an option to enter your location under your profile; this is often used since part of the draw is you can “make friends all over the world!
Cyberbullying, threats, and violence. Without any sort of real filtering possible on the front end of video chatting and because users control their own video feed, the abundance of cruel and unusual behaviour is prevalent and difficult to manage. Abuse and misuse can be reported, but only after the fact.
Pornographic content. All anonymous video-sharing apps bring with them the risk of seeing inappropriate things. Some have compared this app to a cross between Omegle and Tinder without the dating aspect, but the stage is set perfectly for questionable hook-ups to occur.
The Melon App Bottom Line:
It’s clearly not an app for middle and high school students due to its random video pairing. This app is not meant for kids and should be avoided at all costsAgain, the #1 way to avoid exposure to negative apps is to turn off the app store in Apple’s restrictions. It’s that easy!