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Students with a disability

Special Education Program at Springfield Lakes State School
Education Queensland recognises six categories in which children are eligible to receive support within a school’s special education program.
The categories are as follows:
¨ Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
¨ Hearing Impairment (HI)
¨ Physical impairment (PI)
¨ Speech Language Impairment (SLI)
¨ Intellectual Disability (ID)
¨ Vision Impairment (VI)
Education Queensland has specific criteria which must be met in order for a child to have the above disabilities. This criterion will be determined by medical specialists and/or expert staff working within Education Queensland such as a guidance officer, speech language pathologist or an advisory visiting teacher.
Once a child meets criteria, a child can be ‘verified’.  This means the criteria is submitted with information on the educational adjustments that are made within the classroom and school environment to Education Queensland verifiers.  
What happens once my child is verified?
Your child will be assigned a special education teacher who will be your child’s case manager.  This person will support your child with the classroom teacher to ensure the best possible education for your child.   This plan will be formulated together with you as parents/caregivers in an individual education plan (IEP).
These meetings are held so progress and goals are monitored, celebrated and reviewed regularly.
Our Philosophy
At Springfield Lakes State School all our children with disabilities are placed within a mainstream classroom as we believe in inclusive education for all children.
“To know one child with a disability is not to know them all”.  Our special education staff prides ourselves on getting to know each child individually, to learn about their interests and strengths so we can use them to engage and motivate them throughout their schooling. 
Throughout the week, your child will see their SEP case manager who will teach within their classroom and/or take them within a small group in the special education building.  This depends on what works best to suit their individual education goals and curriculum needs.   Teacher aides will also go into the classroom throughout the week to support your child with their work.
We like to celebrate successes and throughout a term you will receive a photo of your child working towards their goals and making progress in their learning.
We are happy to work in with external agencies to support any programs or interventions that you may be working on outside of school.