Principal’s welcome


Welcome to the Springfield Lakes State School web page.  I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through this wonderful resource.  Where you are unable to find all the relevant detail you seek, please feel free to contact our friendly office staff on 07 3437 9888.

2022 has certainly not started the way we would have liked – sadly though it is starting to become unclear as to what the new normal could be.

I wish to thank the entire school community for their understanding, flexibility and patience at the commencement of this school year.  In what is a rapidly, ever-changing environment we have negotiated a start to the school year like no other. 

COVID restrictions, recommendations and compliance requirements impact on us all.  At all times we are obliged to follow the recommendations of the Queensland Chief Health Officer – your support is incredibly appreciated.

We cannot however lose focus on our key purpose – providing a quality education for our children.  Our modified first two weeks at the start of the year allowed teachers and leadership staff to commence the process of an in-depth review and analysis of both the Australian Curriculum and our current delivery of the English subject.   This is a massive undertaking and we fully anticipate we are entering a 12-month process to ensure we are delivering a world class education with a focus on the Key Learning Area of English. 

Our learnings in this space will ultimately be applied to all curriculum areas as we aim for a world class quality curriculum framework. 

Other areas of school operations remain largely unchanged.  Our school mascot is Coop – the Peace Dove – who espouses the key message to our students: “We are cooperative, peaceful and respectful".    

Quality education is allowed to occur in an environment where behaviours are positive and a mutual level of respect exists between students, staff and community.   A Positives Behaviours for Learning (PBL) framework operates within our school and aims to support children in making sensible choices allowing both themselves and others to learn. 

Parents, carers and family members are encouraged to engage with our children on their learning journey.  Every child is different and every child learns at a different rate and in different ways.  The home life that supports a child's learning journey is one that allows even greater success.  I urge all families to please read with their children, to know what their child needs to do to improve and to communicate with the classroom teacher and school when support is needed at home.  It truly does take a community to raise and support a child.

As Principal of Springfield Lakes State School, I am excited at the prospect of ongoing enhancements to our school in terms of school grounds and facilities, consistency of practice in terms of world class teaching and learning and most importantly, improved learning outcomes in the key areas of literacy and numeracy.

I encourage parents to be active participants in school life.  The school Parents and Citizens Association is presently a small band of enthusiastic and dedicated parents who wish to enhance the school experience for all children.  If you are interested in being an active member of the P&C or an enthusiastic volunteer, please contact the office for upcoming meeting dates and arrangements.

Yours in Education,

​Evan Willis


Last reviewed 07 February 2022
Last updated 07 February 2022