Welcome to the 2023 school year – and how good it is to have commenced with some sense of normality.

A special welcome goes out to all our new families – congratulations, you have chosen to send your children to an amazing school made up of sensational kids, dedicated teaching and support staff and an ever-evolving educational curriculum reflective of research-based best practice.

Last year the school underwent a scheduled School Review conducted by the (then) Education Improvement Branch – now referred to as Schools & Region Reviews.  The recommendations of that review form the basis of the next four-year school strategic plan.  2023 is the first year of that plan and we are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay ahead for the SLSS community.

As parents we urge you to engage in our improvement journey.  Whether it be via community forums, the Parents and Citizens' Association, Parent-Teacher interviews, information nights, school events or volunteering – an engaged parent models to their child that school matters and that I am prepared to take an interest. 

Whilst we were thrilled with the positive feedback received throughout the review process, we fully acknowledge there remains areas for growth and improvement.  Establishing our school's signature pedagogical approaches (ways of teaching) is a priority that will be discussed and highlighted throughout 2023.

Looking ahead we will commence preparations for the introduction of one-to-one device programs commencing in 2024 for students from Years 3 and 4.  This will roll out over the following two years and beyond, as we aim for all students from Years 3 to 6 to undertake their learning via contemporary learning platforms utilising their own devices.

Over the holiday period the school underwent major facility repair – legacy of the October 2020 storm.  Almost every building had the roof either replaced or repaired.  Combined with carpet replacement and repainting, the school is continuing to be upgraded to meet the highest of standards. 

Sadly, there remains much to do and the school is working with facility services and the Department of Education to rectify ongoing overland waterflow and subsidence issues across the campus.  The state of the retaining walls at either end of the oval remains a disappointing issue and one that we are confident will be addressed this year. 

Our school mascot is Coop – the Peace Dove – who espouses the key message to our students: “We are cooperative, peaceful and respectful".    

Quality education is allowed to occur in an environment where behaviours are positive and a mutual level of respect exists between students, staff and community.   A Positives Behaviours for Learning (PBL) framework operates within our school and aims to support children in making sensible choices allowing both themselves and others to learn. 

Parents, carers and family members are encouraged to engage with their children on their learning journey.  Every child is different and every child learns at a different rate and in different ways.  The home life that supports a child's learning journey is one that allows even greater success.  I urge all families to please read with their children, to speak with your child's teacher to gain an understanding of what their child needs to do to improve, and to communicate with the classroom teacher and school when support is needed at home.  It truly does take a community to raise and support a child.

I look forward to meeting with you at the school. 

Yours in Education,

​Evan Willis


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Last reviewed 25 January 2023
Last updated 25 January 2023